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Windshield sun shade ideas?

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Texas summer is coming...What are you guys using? Dont really care if its V branded or whatever. I am more worried about stowing it, as there isn't a ton of cabin storage in these cars and it would either need to go in the back seat or under the rear of one of the seats.
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I use this one on another car. Will be getting it for the V as well.

Try to find Gold one, maybe on their website. It reflects/works/lasts way better in my opinion.

Did not realize you have a V3. Idk if this particular one will fit it.
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Idk, I personally always hated those.
One I showed folds decently, and I just put it behind passenger seat when not in use.
Ones above are also thin as hell and don't really do much good here in TX.
But lets get real, interior will still be in 150's sitting out in the sun 😭

This is the one I have on the V right now, but all the reflective material is now loose, got a solid 4 years out of it thu.
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