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Will the 1 inch Spacer/Riser ICE Billet Fit on CTS-V lid, under the stock hood with Strut tower brace?

This is the spacer: LSA Supercharger Lid Spacer CTSV ZL1 1" Hat Riser Plate | 551119-1 - ICT Billet

I understand that the strut tower brace will need to be shimmed to fit the 1 inch higher CTS-V lid, due to the 1 inch riser spacer, but will everything clear the stock hood then?

With the cost of the ZL1 lid I wanted to stay with stock CTS-V lid, do the Aluminum reinforced Brick TIG plates and use this 1 inch spacer. Also I was going to Port the inside of the top of the CTS-V lid and remove all those Cast lines to flow well.

Does the Spacer reduce Boost level and create more HP/Torque on Modified LSA that need the airflow??

Yes, I have read the other posts and not really seen information in years and nothing definitive either way about specific fit and if it works, so I started this thread. Because it has to fit under my hood to be a viable option.

Thank you for any help!

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Get some playdoh and put some on each corner of the lid.

Close your hood.

Open your hood.

Measure how thick the remaining playdoh is.

Pro-tip: cover the top of the playdoh with tape so it doesn't stick to the hood liner.

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