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Wierd TPMS issue - 2010 CTSV

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I put the summer wheels and DRs back on Black Betty today. I did the manual TPMS relearn process and all 4 wheels honked the horn as expected.

When I aired them up I could see the correct PSI in the DIC for all 4 wheels, however when I start the car it reads "Check LF tire pressure. Use inflator kit in trunk" and then the same message cycles through all 4 wheels. If I hit the check mark button on the dash the messages go away until the next restart.

My annual NC state inspection was due so I asked my local shop to see if their TPMS programming tool could re-caliberate them. They tried and got the same results - PSI reads on the DIC and all 4 TPMS respond to the tool, but we can't make the messages stop on the DIC.

Is there a control module somewhere that the TPMS report to / check in with that could be not working as expected?
Could that be part of the BCM?

Suggestions welcome!
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TMPS sensors have a battery that is good for at best, 10 years. If these are your original sensors, or even replacements that are over maybe 7 years, they may need to be replaced.
Thought about the batteries. I placed all of them about 4 years ago so I hope they are still good.

What is wierd to me is that they all report the correct PSI on the dash and all react to the relearn processes.
i also have 2 sets of wheels, each set has one low or dead battery, I've never seen what you describe
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