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Wheel fitment question - Ferrada CM2 on lowered V2 Sedan

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So I like the look of the Concept One CS10s but they don't make them anymore and stumbled upon the Ferrada CM2 which is scary similar, was wondering if these specs are remotely viable:

They make 19s and 20s but would like to stick with 19s.

Fronts: 19x9.5 with 35mm offset OR 19x8.5 with 33mm offset
Rears: 19x10.5 with 42mm offset

This seems close but I am honestly not sure if it will work. Element wheels says these particular specs "wont fit" a CTS-V but I don't know if I trust the accuracy of their site.

I'm on eibach lowering springs btw.


As for 20s, they have 20x9 with 35mm for front and 20x10 with 40mm for rears, as far as the closest I can find. However someone else has noted the rear pokes enough to rub on this setup.
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Nvm, I don't think any of this is going to work sadly
I might be able to run 8.5 front and 9.5 rear. According to ONE post I found on the forum. Rear may have a bit more stance than front tho
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