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What else to look for?

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Hey all.

My 11 coupe 6m is still very new to me. A month.. month and a half now.

I bought it with "only a meth injection kit, pulleys and a snout polish". BUT, as I keep looking I keep finding stuff. MY problem is, I've been only a diesel guy for the last...15 odd years and don't know squat about LSs.

The guy I bought it from had it for a year and put 250 miles on it and didn't know too much about it.

So what I've found so far is
the meth injection (Alky)
pulleys/green belt
I haven't confirmed the snout polish, but it seems like an odd thing to lie about.
I also "discovered" that the intake it aftermarket of some kind.
And the other day when I was showing someone the motor I realized it has a Moroso fuel regulator. At least I am 99% certain it's a regulator, I still need to follow up.

I ASSUME that these parts were tuned somehow as the car does run great.

I want to bring the car to a local dyno to check the tune for safety and get a baseline on power.

My questions are as follows:
With the above list of known work having been done, what else should I go looking for? Anything?
Aside from every engine cover being MIA, everything is a very clean install. So I am not popping the hood and looking in and seeing orange baubles and red trickery or random zipties and missing nuts and bolts. It's the aftermarket fuel regulator that threw me for a loop as I wouldn't think that with this mod list, that's an important thing.

Any thoughts?

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Any thoughts?
Add "What is this?" pics to your intro thread. Dollars to doughnuts someone here will not only know what it is, but will have it installed on their car.
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