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What brand of LS7 lifters are you guys using?

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BTR, Delphi, GM or others?
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Here you go. . .

The lifter your engine will require, will depend on the
valve lift, as well as the open pressure.

Common variables associated with spring pressure;
Open spring pressure required depends on valve weight,
rocker arm ratio & weight, along with engine rpm. . .

I believe that the Delphi lifters are the exact same
lifter as the GM lifter, part number 12499225.

This is the LS7 lifter.
This lifter is good for about 300 psi of open spring pressure.

And your engine rpm with the LSA 376 cid, won't
be what it is with the LS7 Engine, as they use
a light titanium valve, and the LSA does not.


Many on this forum use the Johnson Lifters.
And many others, on other forums also use Johnson.

There are several Johnson options, so be sure
you discuss this out with the manufacturer, or
sales representative.

I prefer lifters with link bars. . . .
Household hardware Nickel Gas Cylinder Rectangle
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If using LS7 then 12499225

Otherwise usually Johnsons of different variety
If one has very good heads, allowing one to move the
engine rpm up without moving the engine into velocity
choke, I would also suggest considering a low lash
solid roller.

This removes the issue of controlling valve motion
with an engine that has too heavy a valve.

When we move the engine rpm up, the heavy
valve then requires more valve spring.

More valve spring means the bleed down rate
of the hydraulic lifter can easily move out of
the window / aperture that it works within. . .

One can also move on to use the more rugged
bushed solid roller lifter, thereby eliminating the
fragile needle bearings.

If anyone has ever damaged a roller lifter having
needle bearings, one knows that you must then
remove the oil pan and hunt, count and pray
that they all ended up in the oil pan..:mad:

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