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Sorry because these type of threads get posted all the time, I looked thru multiple guides/threads and everyone seems to go with 20inch rims aggressive and lowered.

I am trying to spec out Volk TE37s that poke just a tad more than stock, no rolling fenders, 0 rubbing even with 4x people in the car full lock turning blah blah.

The white wagon that had TE37s and was lowered had 19x9.5 +35 285/35 x4 which he said did not rub in front but rubbed the rears.

What offset and width would I need to do for front and rear if I want to keep as close to stock ride/handling as possible, but just change the rims to lightweight volks

Stock Wagon Offsets I believe are
19x9 +51 255/40
19x9.5 +56 285/35

Would these accomplish what I am looking for? The sole reason I am sticking to 19s is the lack of availability for volk te37s in 20inch.

For example
Volk has 19x9.5 +36, 19x9.5 +48 and 19x9 +50, but when I go up to larger width they only have 19x10 +34 or 19x10.5 +34 / +22

19x9.5 +35 on 255/40 front
19x10.5 +??? 285/35 rear

Basically what are the "standard" 19 inch wheel options for just slightly more aggressive than stock when stock height.

Lastly, do the sedans and wagons "share" the same wheel offset fitments, meaning if someone has a good fitment on a sedan, would it have the same fitment on my wagon?

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what I have been told and seen is a 19x10.5 on a wagon really needs an offset of +45 or higher. Even at a +45 you will only be running a 285 (maybe a 295 if you roll fenders.

To my knowledge sedan and wagon fitment is the same.
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