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I have an old-style Vitesse Throttle controller for sale. This unit has the two silver buttons for the Econo & Sport instead of the know. Works great. I am selling it because no longer needed now that my car has a custom tune.

From the Vitesse site:

  • Our Throttle Controller removes the built-in delay on your electronic accelerator pedal.
  • By eliminating this delay, your engine will respond a lot faster.
  • As a result, your car's Throttle will feel the same as a hard cable operated Throttle Body.
  • 2 different modes: Sport and Economy mode.
  • Sport mode has 10 different levels / Economy mode has 8 different levels.
  • An easy to use knob to increase or decrease the Throttle response.
  • Plug and play, easy to install using the exact same OEM harness, only one single plug to connect.
  • Will not void your factory warranty.

$100 shipped CONUS



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