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Vengeance Racing recently participated in the WannaGOFAST ½ mile Shootout event at Hensley Field in Dallas, TX. Competing against the Texas cars is always a great time for all, and we were lucky enough to have SIXTEEN racers join us for the event from all parts of the country. Our team worked diligently to support each racer in effort to ensure that their cars performed at optimal levels throughout the weekend. Below are some of the main highlights from each vehicle that participated this weekend. From 158mph to 212mph, the VR cars performed extremely well off of their home turf!

Ned Dunphy was "Top Dog" this weekend running a best of 212.66mph in his Vengeance built Twin Turbo 2014 Viper TA. Ned currently holds the world record for fastest Gen V Manual transmission Viper in the quarter mile and after this weekend is the second fastest Gen V manual trans Viper in the 1/2 mile with his 212.66 pass. Coming from a GM shop, Ill take that. This car is equipped with an LME solid-roller V10 engine and a completely in-house fabricated twin-turbo system and air-to-water intercooler here at VR. We also tuned this car in house on a full Pro-EFI engine management system.

Drue Macready brought his Vengeance built Twin turbo C6 Z06 all the way from Georgia and managed a 200.00 and his best pass of 205.19 pass. This was the first time out with this new combination and Drue was able to accomplish his goal of running 200mph in the 1/2 and did it again and again. This build consists of a solid-roller 427ci engine combination as well as another in-house fabricated twin-turbo system using Precision Gen2 6870 turbochargers, also tuned on Pro-EFI. This car makes right at 1,400rwhp at its max setting and running through a full RPM Transmissions TH400 and 9” rear end drivetrain combination.

Slavko Puzic joined us from Georgia. Saturday could not have started off any worse having to deal with a broken bolt in Slavkos blower bracket causing him to miss most of the morning’s action while Sean Parker came to the rescue. After a lengthy "surgery" Slavko was ready to hit the runway and he did NOT DISAPPOINT. His first pass down the runway resulted in a blistering 193mph... This was Slavkos debut into the"190mph Club", but he did not stop there. With no changes to the car other than Slavko dialing in his "driver mod" he ended up running a 197.97 SHATTERING the old Supercharged C6 Corvette World Record! Slavko’s build consists of a LLSR 427ci LSX engine with MAST heads and an LME intake, Procharger F1-X supercharger still running an air-to-air intercooler, methanol injection, E85 fuel, and a RPS triple disc clutch with full RPM Transmissions drivetrain (still manually shifted and full weight!).

Eddie Blackwell once again brought out his VR built ALL MOTOR Beast of a C5 Z06 and managed a new personal best and WORLD RECORD of 197.4mph. This is a step in the right direction of running 200+mph with his 451" LSX small block NATURALLY ASPIRATED. We brought a differential with us hoping a gear change might pick up another 1-2mph, but that ended up not being the case. We have some great data and will continue to push forward to do what’s needed to run 200+mph ON MOTOR!

Michael D Stout brought his recently completed C7 Stingray all the way from Georgia in hopes of collecting some more data on the combination and seeing what we can pull out of his 416 LT1/F1X powered combination. After a couple of passes dialing in the combination and adding some power Mike was able to run an astonishing 195.3mph... This pass put him within just six tenths of a mph of the WORLD RECORD...... We could not be happier with these results and know there is more to come from this combination as we continue to dial it in. By the way, this is all through a Circle D built 6L80E Transmission!!

Gary Coyne brought his show quality 5th Gen ZL1 out this weekend with one thing in mind... to secure the 1/2 mile world record for 5th Gen ZL1 Camaro. 193.05mph BOOST ONLY at over 4000lbs!! Unfortunately time ran out before we could add some of the Nitrous Outlet provided nitrous, but know there is 200+mph in this combination with just a few more passes! This build consists of a 427ci LLSR LSX engine, AGP twin turbo system, RPM TH400 transmission, and Pro-EFI engine management.

Chuck Greer traveled all the way from Georgia with his beautiful VR built C6 Z06 powered by a lil Novi 2200 and LSX 427. Chuck rowed the gears to a personal best of 189.4mph !!!

David Meyer also made the trip from Georgia with his sinister black C5 Z06 equipped with a YSI supercharger and 364" forged Iron block. Dave ripped a personal best anyway running 178.2mph.

Ron Mowen was fortunate enough to pilot Nathan Anderson’s VR built C7 Z06 powered by an F1X Procharger and built LT4. Unfortunately he was only able to make two passes. The first resulted in a broken supercharger (over spinning the F1X). This blower failure put us dead in the water until our friends at LG Motorsports showed up Sunday afternoon with an F1X in hand to give us another shot. ..Unfortunately we found out next that the STOCK GM 8L90E transmission 5th gear was "tired"..... We still managed 176mph, but did not have time to install the Circle D trans we brought with us. More times coming SOON on this car.

Ron Wise was the sleeper to watch out for this weekend. Joining us from Tennessee with his VR supercharged STOCK BOTTOM END LS3 C6. Ron had one thing on his mind for this weekend and that was to break 170mph or break his engine trying. Well Ron drove his car on the trailer Sunday afternoon with no issues AND ran a personal best of 173.01 mph!!!! This car is quiet and stock appearing and out of nowhere rips into the 170s.

Corey Davis is one of our great clients from Texas and was able to join us this weekend as well with his VR built ALL MOTOR 440 cubic inch C6 Z06. Corey ripped down the runway to a 167.92mph pass.

Krista Gatz and Chris Couch joined us from Oklahoma with Krista piloting her VR built CTSV. This was Kristas first time ever running the 1/2 mile and right out of the gate she clicked off a VERY impressive 167.2mph.

Up next for our lady racers was Camaro Sissy with her VR built 5th Gen ZL1... Sissy has been running consistent high 150sat the past couple of events and it all came together for her in Texas running 161/162 and finally a 163.99mph pass ROWING THE GEARS in her manual trans ZL1. Did I mention Sissy ran so many passes she wore her front brakes out?? That didn't stop her though.... A quick trip to Summit Racing Equipment and she was back at the track installing her new front pads and rotors and was back on track in no time!

John Dobmeyer is new to the VR family having purchased one of our customer’s previously built CTS-V’s. John was everyone’s hero this weekend bringing 2500lbs of ICE for all of the air to water intercooled cars. John managed a best of 162mph pass from his CTSV while keeping all of us cool during the weekend!

Tommy Diffee joined us from Alabama in his VR modified 6th Gen ZL1 Camaro. This was his first ever half mile event and Tommy was able to run consistent 158mph passes all weekend!!!

Jacob Okunoren also made the trip from Georgia with his VR modified 6th Gen ZL1 running numerous mid 150s with a best of 157mph. This was also Jacob's first ever 1/2 mile event, but I believe he is now hooked along with Tom.

John Luzetsky joined us from Georgia in their FRESH off the lift 5th Gen ZL1 Camaro. John has been racing with VR for over five years and although he knew we could not stretch the legs on his new Kenne Bell 4.7L supercharged 400" LSX Camaro still joined us and used the event as a test session to collect some data and start dialing in the combination.

We came/ We Saw/We Raced/We broke records/We set lots of new personal bests/ We broke bread together/ We had an AMAZING time and would like to thank all our Customers who came out to the event.
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Great job and good numbers, It was an excellent event.

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Great job.

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