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2012 Coupe 680+ rwp. Current mods
Port polish blower
103 nw
Afe momentum GT
850 injectors
Catch can
Long tube ss headers
Dsx idler
2:55 pulley
Pro speed 3 gallon heat exchanger tank
C&R heat exchanger
C&R brick
160 thermostat
ZL1 pump
I just want to make sure that after mods would doing valve springs and rockers help support these mods. Worried the may possibly start having valve float. After tune revs to 6700
Just want to make as reliable as I can w out a complete build. Only 24k on vehicle.
also thinking of replacing head bolts w arp
Bolts. Looking for advice thanks

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Do you know what your IDC is? You may need to upgrade injectors if you add any mods. That said, you've improved air flow through the engine with bigger throttle body, ported blower, and headers. I personally think you either need to port your heads or upgrade them. New valve springs and a trunnion upgrade would make sense when you port your heads.
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