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Values staying in track mode!?

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Has anyone ever experienced the car note changing the exhaust note when switching to track mode?

It work yesterday, I auto started the car to so my brother in law. Go in the car and changed the mode to track, the dash changed but the exhaust didn’t.

I’m confused

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Get headers and full exhaust, I run in touring now just for sound lol.... I'm AMAZED how quiet it is, and it's not quiet, well it is, just extremely DEEP (again LOVE)...BBE did their homework, stock it didn't do much of anything, however, it's a 60s muscle car sound deep, open the valves, forget it. I'm debating resonators...albeit at 75, 60 there's some, sweet spot is 1800-2krpm the drone, who am I kidding there basically is none....get on it, you're going to scare the mask off the prius driver next to you, which I love lol...
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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