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Vagon tailgate doesn't respond to Key Fob

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This may be long and drawn out, but that's how much I've tried troubleshooting and researching.

I have #1 Key Fob 25843982, which came with the car. Everything worked (inc. tailgate). SInce it was in really bad shape, I purchased an aftermarket key from Amazon which had the same FCC ID thinking it was the same.
Well it seemed all 4 key slots were taken (wierd) so I had to do a full relearn on all Keys to program the Original fob as #1 and the new fob as #2. That's when the isues started... NO TAILGATE CONTROL ON BOTH KEYS! Shouldn't the original key I had still work?

So I got a friend's Tech2 and just reprogrammed the liftgate module firmware to latest (just in case) and started looking at the signals. I also found this information online

In it, the guy mentioned looking at the Keyfob signals received ... well it's just like he states! The remote control module receives “R. Cloure Rel." instead of "R. Closure Start" to start the the Liftgate open/close process!

How the heck??? The original remote WORKED before I reprogrammed it, but now sends a wrong signal??? What gives? Ofcours the replacement key also sends this sedan/coupe style signal as could be expected ... but the #1 oriiginal is hard to believe! Only other thing I can do is to also program the remote control module and BCM to make absolutely sure. Although I think they were already the latest firmware.

I'm stumped, and I don't wanna go buying $150 original Fobs until I atleast get the GM key I have working. Prob why the dealer wants to charge me $300+ and 4-5 hrs time to get a new key cut and prorammed? what do they know/do that I can't duplicate here?

BTW, here's also a website that sells keys supposed to work with the Vagons, but a different GM part number is listed (not ... 25843982/25843983 as I've found for the 2012). But when I look up the listed GM PN's under this key, it says
"Exc.Keyless Entry. Exc.Passive Entry. Remote Engine Start." which makes me doubt it'll work as the original PN I have says "Wagon, with passive entry, with remote start, remote 1. Remote Engine Start. Keyless Ignition".
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I have no idea.... but I'm following

btw: when I acquired my Coupe, it had two working fobs, but their plastic cases were disintegrated. The one being used daily was in a silicne protector sleeve...and that was the ONLY thing keeping all its guts together. I bought replacement plastic fob bodies (no guts) from Amazon for a pittance and swapped the internals.
If the Vagon doesn't open up when you start playing with your FOB, try complimenting it and buy it flowers first.

If that doesn't work - well.... uh....

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Well we’re gonna try and see what options were available and if I can pick any when flashing the remote receiver module. Next would be special options on BCM and any other related module. Fingers crossed.

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