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V3 Wheel and Tire Sizes…

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Ok, so I have been researching the wheel and tire options for the V3 CTS-V. The below chart was one that I found that shows the OE specs:
Wheel: 9.5x19 ET23
Tire: 265/35ZR19 (94Y)
Wheel: 10x19 ET39
Tire: 295/30ZR19 100Y

This also shows 2 other specs; one of which is 10x20 ET20 and 11x20 ET30… would this setup actually work or would this be destroying the inner fenders?

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Hi, I install BC Forget on my V3 with 9,5x20 ET17 in Front, and 10,5x20 ET38 on Rear, with no Problems
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