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V2 Experience with TSW Tremblant Wheels 19 x 9.5 45mm offset

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Has anyone on here run TSW Tremblant 19 x 9.5 45mm offset wheels on their V2 sedan, wagon or coupe? They seem like an affordable wheel with a nice appearance. I am considering them for a season or two while I get my OEM wheels refinished.

The OEM sedan wheels are:
front 19 x 9.0 with 51mm offset
Rear 19 x 9.5 with 56mm offset

I've read about people using 19 x 9.5 with 41mm offset all around on a sedan, so it seems like these 19 x 9.5 45 offset should fit fine. With that said, I am always nervous to be the "first" to try it. If you have these on your V2, please share your experience and a few pictures of your car!
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Those specs will fit the car, but the one thing I would be concerned with is caliper clearance. Since it has a bit of a lip, the spokes might not clear the outward face of the caliper but it's hard to tell.
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@Arca_ex great point!
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