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I just recently got a 2004 cts v. I have some issues with the car and i am looking to keep the car stockish. i know that's what everyone says when they get a bad ass car.
I have miles on the car 150000 ish
the throwout bearing is making noise when i pull the clutch in. does anyone have any suggestions on a clutch kit for the v1 that that will hold 550hp just in case i do work down the line but still feels sock or close to it?
headers ?
is the diablosport trinity t2 ex tuner {good} ?
is a short shiftier better for the car ? there is a lot of throw in the gears to me.
if anyone can help with these things that would be great.
my last car was a 74 nova and im just used to the old 350
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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