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Upstream O2 sensor

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Been recently having a lean issue show up on my AEM wideband and found out today that one of my narrow band O2 sensors is acting up.

When the WBO2 shows a lean condition, (19.5afr), the NB is stuck at 28mv. If I cycle the keyswitch, it "might" correct itself and return to normal but it's hit or miss. Sensors are 12 years old now so I'll replace both and see how it responds.

WOT readings works as it should and the lean condition only surfaces at cruise or idle and really has no symptoms other than a lopey idle which is cool but if I wanted a cool lopey idle, I'd set up the tune to make that happen.

I haven't pulled the SC lid in a few years since I installed the cam and it was DIRTY! I recently installed a MM wild catch can that replaced a Moroso so I'll most likely pull the lid again in a month or so to see how it looks. No real oil pooling but everything was brown. Spent a couple hours cleaning everything up and put it back together and hope it's still nice and clean next month.
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wow 12 years on the 02's yep change em out
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