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Upgrading Headlights

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My passenger bulb just died and I figured I'd go ahead and get all new lamps/housings as mine are kindof faded. Anyone know anything about They have what appear to be a nice replacement set. My mechanic said I should check around before pulling the trigger to make sure fitment etc is good.

Wondering if anyone has any objections or alternative suggestions for this project.

'14 CTS-V Sedan. HID.
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first- you can find them right at $902 on ebay, and you can get them with black housings instead of chrome.
People have also been replacing just the lenses with aftermarket and reusing the housings.

they specify the following which has me wondering if you retail the adaptive forward lighting system?

NOT Compatible with Factory Halogen Headlight Models

ONLY Compatible with Factory Xenon HID Headlight with Adaptive Forward Lighting System Models

Please Re-Use All Factory Xenon HID Components
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im certain they are both made in the same factory in china. Even the pictures are identical.

all V's have HID/Xenon. But what im wondering is if you retain the adaptive headlights.

you could get the same xenon adaptive headlight in non-v CTS's but they had more chrome in them. a v headlight has less chrome but honestly it would be hard to tell the difference. Even when I viewed them side by side the difference is really subtle.

just a lot of guys go for that blackout no chrome look. I dont mind the chrome on a silver V.
somewhere I have pictures of non-v and V factory xenon lights and both cars we had were silver.
You have to swap your original AFL motor (and all other components for that matter) to the protuninglab housing. They are basically a shell that you fill with your original components. I bought them thinking (mostly hoping) they would have the AFL motor.
It says "please reuse all factory xenon HID components"

I may buy these come spring time
he does nice work but these are drop in and go , likely using the same aftermarket lenses as the rebuilds
I messaged Big Tundra about maybe doing adding halos/demon eyes to the aftermarkets. He suggested it was a NO GO because the aftermarkets are permatexed sealed big time. I think I'm just going to have my factory headlights re-lensed and add halos/demon eyes.
before lenses were sold on their own he would use the lenses from aftermarket halogen assemblies. I was just saying I'm sure the lenses are the same even if they adhere them permanently. It was always my worry that the aftermarket lenses would hold up no better than the stockers.
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was it just the lens? you could have put new lenses on the original lights
Dammit, I was really hoping for a success story on these.
im glad i didnt order them because I would have left them in the boxes for a couple months and probably missed the return window.
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time to swap the lens
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you can also get better aftermarket bulbs from places like retrofitsource
maybe one of those headlight refurbishment guys can repair your broken high beam wire
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I'm looking to change my assemblies also. Any real diff between AKKON and SPYDER AFS headlight assemblies ??? This is for a 2013 CTS-V Sedan.
Also, while changing assemblies want to change out bulbs. Any suggestions on DRL, Turn, Headlight, and FOG ?? Want to stay in the 6000k range.
Thanks in advance
I got $10 says they are the same
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