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Customer finally got his project able to drive.. still not complete, he has to finish the interior, put windows in and get final tune.. But that didnt stop him from taking it to the car show at the fair this past weekend. He is in conroe texas..

Just a quick run down
Car is 4link and narrowed 8in on each side
5.3 with pat g cam, arp rod and head bolts
Custom turbo kit with comp turbo billet 76mm
Built t56 with twin disk
Wilwood big brakes on all 4s
Etc, etc, etc, etc

Wheels are 18x8 up front and 20x15 with 10in lip (customer wanted the lip to be that big and no less lol)

I have done quiet a few pro touring cars... I love doing wheels on them they all come out looking bsd ass and all are different!!!!

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Dont love the car, love the idea!
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