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Tire up-sizing, sedan

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Looking through my various choices in a set of new tires for 2010 sedan, stock rims, and it seems like opening up to 295/35 19 rear and 265/40 19 in front may make a few more tires available. Looking for tires that can handle road course type driving, not drag racing. Car is a weekend bomber, with first track day on the books for October. Don't want to upset handling by monkeying with tire sizes, but also seems like we're talking about very small differences in width and sidewall heights, so does it even matter?

Other question, what's biggest "allowable" delta between front and rear diameters. R888R's for example aren't offered in stock sizing/sizes that allow for uniform diameter front to rear. How close is "close enough"?
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Can your current tires make it through your first track day?

I would recommend taking the car out for your first track day as is. Then after that get a feel for where improvements could be made based on your experience that day. Then start to consider how different sizes and different types of tires could impact the characteristics of the car on the course to accomplish those improvements and make a decision from there.
No, they're 4 year old 500tw A/S's. I'm fine working within the available choices in stock sizing if going to a 265 up front and leaving 285 in back (would be required for r888r, for example) is going to change things enough to notice.
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