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Tilton Clutch Kit 55-2010 Experiences?

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Anyone have this kit installed on a V2? I just ordered from Tick and am super impressed with the build and price. Returned the McLeod HD I had. See attached image and link for reference.
Note: Image shown is a six bolt, item ordered is actually an eight bolt.
PS: I also ordered a Tick extension bleeder line separately.
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Tilton 55-2010 link for reference
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You’re going to have to do better than this

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You’re going to have to do better than this

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Not sure I understand, maybe you're suggesting a triple?

When I looked at the post, it said only “edit”, which is why I quoted it.

I guess you wanted to make it a placeholder?

All good now.

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This has me interested. Looks like a high quality kit. Holds more torque than the McLeod. McLeod description sucks.
Really drives me nuts when all the info isn't there. Does the McLeod even come with a throw out bearing? Who knows it's not in the description. So, anybody have one of these?
I had a McLeod HD, its clutch only, no slave/throwout bearing is included in the price. I was planning to use the Tilton slave ($400) with the McLeod regardless. So I figured might as well try out the Tilton kit and save some money. The Tilton machined aluminum cover design and diaphragm looks pretty solid too. I've purchased slaves from 'Tick Performance' in the past, outstanding vendor, give them a call for any additional questions, super knowledgeable! Regardless, can't go wrong with a McLeod RXT from what I've read.
Yeah, sounds like a solid clutch. I'd like to know more about the Tilton.
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