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Third Brake Light LED

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So my 2012 V Coupe has some of the little LEDs out on the third brake light. Makes me cringe when I’m reversing and see it’s reflection in something…

Now of course I could just buy another one and replace it. However, for my more savvy repair members. What would I need to purchase to swap those little squares out? I’m more than capable of doing it, I just think it will be a fun thing to do. I just don’t want to purchase the wrong bulbs and them be too bright or not that bright and look different than the other ones.
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Funny I posted this exact same issue on the other cadillac forum about 2 weeks ago and not an answer from no one to this day. My wife’s 3.6 has the same issue and I was wondering the same thing. Apparently no one knows how to repair single LED’s in that 3rd brake light. Looks like we may end up just replacing them.
I have found the right LED kit for it and ordered them. I figured they would be at their peak life so I will just replace them all. Some people may think it’s silly and suggest just buying a new one and 99% of the time I do buy new, but this looks too easy to not try myself.
Post the kit you purchased if you don’t mind. Curious about what kind of kit’s there are and may take a look at this myself.
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Yes post because it will drive me batshit crazy when this occurs to me.
OCD too huh Blades? 😂
I put the barbells in order at the rack has EZ curl bars the other straight....from smallest on top to largest on the bottom.

So a little.
I feel ya 😂
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