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Third Brake Light LED

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So my 2012 V Coupe has some of the little LEDs out on the third brake light. Makes me cringe when I’m reversing and see it’s reflection in something…

Now of course I could just buy another one and replace it. However, for my more savvy repair members. What would I need to purchase to swap those little squares out? I’m more than capable of doing it, I just think it will be a fun thing to do. I just don’t want to purchase the wrong bulbs and them be too bright or not that bright and look different than the other ones.
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Post the kit you purchased if you don’t mind. Curious about what kind of kit’s there are and may take a look at this myself.
Yes post because it will drive me batshit crazy when this occurs to me.
OCD too huh Blades? 😂
I put the barbells in order at the rack has EZ curl bars the other straight....from smallest on top to largest on the bottom.

So a little.
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