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Going to be a long week-end in Beeville, Texas based on the current weather forecast! We'll be there "on standby" waiting for an opportunity to make some passes on the track. I know some of you guys signed up as competitors and will be there too so be sure to stop by the RV and the Sewell Performance Group VIP tent to pick up your free V-Racing pit crew shirt. If you plan to attend either as a driver or spectator and have RSVP'd via the website, we have a VIP badge for you at the tent.

Here's the latest on the weather forecast from Shannon Matus:

Hello Texas Mile Participants, Sponsors, and Fans,

We are focused and determined to be ready for any opportunity during this event to get you the maximum runs and The Texas Mile experience that you enjoy. Thank you so much for all your support and the camaraderie we are seeing between so many people making the best of a tough weather outlook. The Texas Mile has always been about the people and we see that Texas Mile heart and spirit coming through so many of you.

Now, on to Weather Update 2 and what we are doing that is in our control. As we all know, the weather in Texas can change in a moment’s notice. We know all of you are watching as well.
A stream of tropical air (El Nino) has plagued Texas since late spring and into early summer with huge impacts to all racing events in the southern parts of the U.S.. This El Nino may be the strongest in 50 years and is gaining in intensity. A line of Thunder Storms is predicted to flow onshore and the probability of rain for Friday and Saturday is there and predicted to be letting up for Sunday. Our hope and prayer is that it speeds itself up and just gets it over with. Obviously the rain causes slowdowns in track preparations for suitable racing conditions. So what does this mean to all racing participants and fans of the Texas Mile?

As you were told in weather update 1 from Monday, we subscribe to a professional weather service that provides excellent forecast. We also look at three other weather forecasts as well as the local area meteorologist to determine how to adapt for weather that is at Texas Mile events. In 13 years of the Texas Mile, we have had one Sunday that was rained out and some minor rain delays over the years. All the weather models have conflicting information on pin point rain information ( i.e., amounts, times, and percentage of area covered by rain).

The Texas Mile Staff has secured services and resources that could potentially allow us to take advantage of any non-rain periods in evening or early morning - yes, night time. Maybe this will give us the opportunity to try something we have been wanting to do for a while now. Thanks to Royce from Cameron Equipment Company and Tiger Industrial for providing us lots and lots of lights. Did I mention lots of lights?
As you know us, we will concentrate on safety first. Also, based on what we see right now, we are extending Sunday hours ( earlier morning and into evening. We have Byron back from Coastal Maintenance Concepts with his Elgin Sweeper that literally sucks up gallons of water to help dry the racing surface. We have also secured the help of a Jet Blower Truck and operator like NASCAR has used. And for ease of registration and tech, Chase Field management has secured the use of hangers so we can be in doors for those operations.
We did try to get Lynda and Charlie of Kings Events and Tents to bring out 1.5 mile of tents. As you can imagine, they are still "lovingly" chuckling at the request.
All-in-All, we will do everything in our control to work around the circumstances to care for you, our Texas Mile customers, sponsors and fans. We are staying focused on doing everything we can to be prepared to take advantage of any opportunity.

I, Shannon Matus remain in prayer for a break in weather and for the things we need to make lemons into lemonade. We are en route to Beeville now.

God's Speed,
Jay and Shannon Matus


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