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Tesla screen info

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What is the best way to update the infotainment system? Love the car but really need the modern features like car play etc. is one system better than another
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Search is your friend!

And a 73 page thread on the Tesla Screen:
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I read that thread before I posted. Nothing I saw covers the Celsius issue or the suspension switch relocation. There are a few different versions of the screen out there I’m just looking for real world experience of them
The celsius is handled by looking at the screen which shows fahrenheit.

Mag-ride is now the traction control button.
a 70 something page thread on "tesla screens" seems like the best place to sit and read and even ask
I have had one in my 14 Coupe for >4 years. Works great. Only a few "nits" to "pick".

Boot time is longer than I'd like. It's up and running in less than a minute, but I can be rolling faster than the system boots, which means I'm moving when I finally get to fire up some music or something.

Front/Rear fader doesn't work. It fades the front from high to low and back again, but it only fades the rear speakers from high to low once, after which you have no rear speakers. Had to reattach the old HU to reset it to center after discovering this. Rule is "don't touch the fader".

The Celsius thing is not a big deal at all. It's not like the temperature setting actually matters much, there's so much variability in the cabin temp. I want it warmer, I push the up button. I want it cooler, I push the down button. The numbers on the display don't matter, the "right" temperature is the one where I'm comfortable. I wouldn't really care if the displays showed nothing at all.

It'd be nice if I could get a rooted version of Android for the HU so I could get under the hood and tweak it more to my liking.

The microphone is marginal at best. I have my phone paired so the HU knows if I'm getting a call and it displays caller ID and mutes the music, but I take the call on speakerphone on my phone and not the HU.

Screen brightness control doesn't have enough range. At night, the display can be too bright. Unfortunately, it's a version of Android that doesn't have "dark mode". There's a button you can push to blank the display, though.

Not a gripe: I use a OBD-II wireless dongle and the "Torque" app when I'm tracking the car. The big screen is perfect for displaying a lot of info in a large enough size you can see it with a glance. Tranny Temp, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Knock Retard, and a few other things. A few of which are things the fucking car should really have in the factory gauge cluster. :)
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