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I’m making a left in a German lane (3/4 the size of Mercia) from a stoplight. i shifted to third gear at around 15-20 miles an hour (mpg rpm) when the car fishtails hardcore. I’ve had the car about a month. I would’ve said ice and moved on, but it happens more often then I’d like. I can’t powershift this car without heading left or right towards oncoming or trees. The Traction has taken some getting used to coming from a 2014 Taurus sho AWD. The Sho had 500 hp, but the AWD put it on rails.

Caddy has newer Hancook winter tires on it. I’m glad no one was riding the next lane. Super thankful the kids weren’t in the car….. which is why I’m looking for a bit of guidance. anything I can add to keep the ass where it belongs, unless I want it to fishtail of course…. Stiffer suspension, bushings, any aftermarket shit? Is the car just to ill mannered for the chitlins?

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