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Supercharger Rebuild

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Ive been looking for a supercharger rebuild service for my V2. The S/C has had a metal grinding noise since I bought it. I switched out the stock isolator for a solid one and have installed a catch can but the sound has gotten worse. My car has a few engine issue that will be getting repaired so I figured I might as well get the S/C rebuilt while im at it. I found a website called SCOL( superchargers online) and for 1650 do a complete rebuild and install a new rotor pack . I attached a picture that list everything they replace and was wondering if anyone on the forum knows about this company? Are they reliable? Is this a good deal for 1650. Any input is appreciated.
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That is the best place to send a supercharger for a rebuild.
Many guys here have used them, including myself.
They are the only eaton authorized rebuilder and is who I used when I provided porting and rebuilding services here.

Ask for Brian or David, you can tell them I sent you if you like.

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Thanks for the info. I already got in contact with them and will be sending the S/C out tomorow for a full rebuild with new rotor pack and injector cleaning.
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