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Supercharger differences?

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I hear different stories regarding lids and bricks. Is there a difference between a 2018 ZL1 and a 2018 CTSV supercharger? There has to be some because a new GM ZL1 SC is like $3700 and a Caddy one is $2700. I just want to know cause of the ZL1 is better I'll put that in my CTSV as I have one sitting in the garage with 2500 miles
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Taller lid with the angled bricks is the only difference I recall between the two. The ZL1 in theory should be better for this but not sure I've seen any back to back comparisons. I'd run the ZL1 unit since you have it on hand.
From what I read that's why the ZL1 makes more power cause it cools better and heat soaks less bit i would just like to be sure. When I get back I can pull the lids off the SC removal looks pretty straight forward. Plus my zl1 SC only has 2500 Miles on it, my ctsv has 33000. Just wierd how GM price is so different which makes me wonder if the zl1 does have thicker bricks too
The lid is taller on the ZL1/Z06. Those lids wont clear our OEM strut tower brace. Not sure on the bricks.
I am pitting a bullet lid in. Hope the lid fits the zl1 that's easy enough to check though
if you are putting a Billet lid on you should just get the cheaper CTS-V blower.
You just add some washers/spacer to the mounting points of the strut tower bar. Easy....
You just add some washers/spacer to the mounting points of the strut tower bar. Easy....
I prefer to just lower the engine 1/4" :giggle:
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Ok started SC removal on my ctsv and yeah big difference Caddy lid is way shorter and the bricks aren't tilted and are alot smaller. Ok I sort of jumped the gun amd forgot I have an apt Tuesday for warranty repair so need to get my zl1 SC installed. I only have a 2.3 pulley right now, if I drive it really easy will I be on with that pulley without a tune for maybe 40 miles?
You could just remove the belt and not have to worry about boost
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