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Suggestions please

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I have decided to keep my 2009 V. With that being said I want to go all in on the engine.
Things already done:
weapon X heat exchanger
2.45 upper pulley
Under hood ice box
E85 sensor
ID 1050 injectors
Headers(not on at this time)
160 degree thermostat
Test pipes
These mods made 588whp

I am going with an LS9 cam. What’s heads work best with this cam?
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Big Willy,
I think the best way to approach this is;
how much HP do you want to make?
Matt on this forum, from GP Tuning, would be good to talk to regarding that.
100% on what Bruce says. I run Matt's stage 2 cam because it fits perfectly with my desire for a fast daily driver. Note this is my daily driver otherwise I would have considered either his stage 2.5 (can be daily driven) or stage 3. Along with my "mild" build I ported my stock heads as personally I am amazed at the builds I see that add a cam and headers and think just a CAI is sufficient on the intake side. Good on you for asking about what heads to get. Don't forget you have a further option depending on how far you want to go. You can buy heads either "as built" or port the aftermarket heads for more flow. FYI, I'm just over 700 rwhp on E85 with stock heads and test pipes bolted on. Blower is stock so I don't need to account for additional airflow there. I worked with Matt to spec out all my initial parts to make sure everything meshed. The only thing I added later was E85.
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Sir so all you did was add a cam and port your heads along with E85 and make 700 rwhp?
Not quite, those were additions on top of my "mild" build that I mentioned. Ported stock throttle body, 2.45 upper, injectors, catch can, colder plugs, Airaid, and track attack HX. BTR cam install kit put in with cam plus underhood tank. E85 was the DSX kit. Test pipes were installed between mild build and cam as they didn't arrive in time for the first mild build.
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E85 is usually good for an additional 75 hp to 100 hp, over gasoline. . .Depending!
E85 was good for about 85 hp on my build.

I'm thinking about a new set of speakers and hopefully my last set of speakers. Do you have any opinion on Tekton Moabs? If so, could you PM me? They would replace my KEF 107/2 speakers in my stereo system located in a very large family room with high ceilings. The KEFs would go back in my 5 channel home theater where they lived before I had a separate stereo system. The NEAR speakers would go back into my roomful of old speakers.

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