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Subframe connectors

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Currently in the process of upgrading bushings on my 11 CTS V.
I’ve ordered the CS front upper/lower control arm bushings.
Also looking at the CS diff/subframe bushings. Does anyone have any advice on these 2? Is it worth it etc?

Also will be going with the TRZ rearspindle bushings, toe rod arms and trailing arms.
While looking at suspension stuff I came across the old D3 suspension YouTube video and saw they added a bar/connector and upon further searching saw that they had a subframe connector basically.
what happened with that idea for the v2, did it just not work well? Link for the old d3 video below.

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I'd like to see what they had the front of that brace connected to. It appears to just be bracing the bolt in the rear. If the front is connected to the subframe itself, it's more or less taking the bushing out of the equation. If it's connected to the unibody, it's just bracing the bolt and not doing much for the bushing.

There are a lot more options for subframe bushings now that pretty much accomplish the same thing. I had a set of the CS bushings, but decided against them as I like how my car rides and how quiet the suspension is. I've had solid control arm mustangs and GN's. I'm getting too old for that stuff. I have all the TRZ stuff though.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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