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I was told my driver's side strut plate bushings have worn out.
My question is do you have to buy the complete strut or can you just buy the strut plate..thanks
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Rockauto $12.07 for the upper strut mount.
I looked on rock auto and couldn't determine which one was for a 2012 cts-v coupe. Thanks
Will be the same as the Sedan and Wagon.

Front Suspension Strut Retainer - GM (22935187)
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Another question thanks...if I'm removing the shock and strut as one piece, do I need a spring compressor,
I want to replace the strut plate.
Painfully, it is part of the assembly. You will need a spring compressor.
This is the spring compressor to buy. I bought the compressor tool from Amazon for like half price. But, it is difficult to use. You could take it to a shop and have them do the spring...

Now that's nice but a little more than I want to spend. Lol

I have the car sold but I need to fix this problem first
Pricy but I want one. Such a pain to undo the spring without launching it. Also, make note if the clicking as it is a bitch to get it to rotate once assembled.
I have one more question, on the strut mount you posted for me does it come with the bearing, doesn't say on the site. Thanks
Thanks for your help.
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