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Stickies Tires For Street?

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I have a 2018 ctsv making 640 to the wheels and was wondering what everyone’s recommendations are for tires. I will be road driving this, and where I live it is frequently 30 degrees F. Was looking at the R888R, but wasn’t sure if I should run them for the rear and front tires.
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Search the forum you can find my toyo 888 review on here among others.

Good luck
R888R front and rear so no dissimilar bias. They are ridiculously sticky.
I put 888R on my rear and was very happy. Delayed for a long time in fear of too much road noise but it was hardly noticeable even w stock exhaust. Well worth it
I daily on Mickey Thompson et street ss
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19” Nitto nt05R or 17” Mickey Thompson drag R
I daily on Mickey Thompson et street ss
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I salute the dedication, but watch those unexpected rain puddles.
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Bridgestone RE71RS. Fantastic street tire that works well in all temps and supa in the rain too. Miles of smiles 285-35-19.
Nankang CRS also a great choice with a 305-30-19 available.

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