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Stains UNDER PPF? Anyone dealt with this?

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So I live in a humid environment (SC) and started noticing some severe spotting everywhere my car has PPF installed. At first I assumed these were water spots from rain or maybe tar although I couldn't recall driving through any construction sites. So I bought some CHemical guys water spot removal and it didn't even touch this stuff. I'm starting to fear that some way some how this is actually mold under the film although I've never even heard of that. I've had the car roughly 2 years and it was 2 owners ago when this film was installed. Am I SoL as far as any method to get this stuff out? The work was done in Kentucky so even if they were to honor some form of warranty I doubt its worth the drive. Pics attached.

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Can you peal the material off and have it redone? I am screwed on mine and have to get the bumper resprayed.
That is clearly the film that is causing the problem. It possibly has air pockets where moisture is forming. Take it somewhere local that installs that stuff and ask their opinion. I am sure they have seen this before.
Looks like chemical contamination to me, which may have gotten worse from being in the sun. Only choice would be to remove it. Use a steamer or hot water in a kettle to help soften the adhesive and that will make it easier to remove.
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Isn’t the life expectancy of the film 5-7 years?
how long has it been on, has it always been outside
I was thinking the same the film is 5 years old and it’s it’s time for it to be removed and redone.
Mine too just getting redone and should have it back this Friday.
Depends on quality of film and installer. I had Xpel Ultimate (with self healing) installed on my manual wagon ten years ago. I did not have this problem, or any problem. In fact, the stuff didn’t even yellow. I got ten good years out of it! Highly recommended. Then again, my wagon lives in the garage and is covered for the cold third of the year.

The wagon is out having the Xpel replaced right now, as part of an overall reconditioning of the paint with paint correction, then 5 year ceramic coat.
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but you cant really compare a vehicle that lives indoors to one exposed 24/7 outside
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Ok so update on this post. I went to a local shop with the inte tuon of getting this redone with their film. One of the installers warned me that at a certain age he's had the PPF come off in chunks and or remove paint with it. Has anyone seen or heard of this? I don't know if this was a way to scare me off because they didn't want to deal with it or a common problem with old film. I don't know the exact age but am guessing 5-6 years old.
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