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Stabilitrak Culprit???

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So I have a service stabilitrak warning pop-up every time I start the vehicle and begin to move. Until it moves the warning doesn鈥檛 come on. I had it scanned with a Tech2 and here鈥檚 the codes that we got. It should be there steering sensor causing my issues right? Hopefully 馃馃徎馃馃徎. And if so does anyone know where it is located (shaft/rack)馃憟馃徎馃槄
I鈥檝e checked grounds and the alignment is on point. Thank you in advance
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The sensor is located on the steering column, behind the steering wheel. You have to take the wheel off, and the plastic housing around the column to get to it. Don't remember what else has to come off. Pull the battery before you start the job, and when you reconnect everything do it without someone sitting in the driver's seat in case the steering column air bag blows...

You should clear both codes and see if they come back right away. Both are labeled "C" meaning "Current" meaning the faults were detected on the current ignition cycle. The C0899 may be part of the problem. Though the C0710 is almost definitely the primary issue. The error code means the sensor is still functioning but it's "noisy" and the BCM doesn't think the sensor is reliable. Won't be a problem for you unless you're in a loss-of-traction situation. Steering Wheel angle is used for Active Handling and ABS.
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RocketSled is correct. You also don't want to move the steering wheel during the replacement. Some other forums have recommendations to tie it in place. How experienced are you at delicate repairs?

Aleso, here's an old thread that includes both information and disinformation.
Well honestly I鈥檓 not super familiar with delicate repairs at all. I鈥檒l probably just have to get the mechanic that built the car to fix it for me but I鈥檓 glad I found the culprit to my issue!
Dumb question but have you checked the battery? The low voltage DTC is why I ask. On more than a few occasions I have seen a battery on its way out cause all kinds of weird dash lights and/or DTCs. The computers get pretty squirrelly is they see less than 12v.
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