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Just some go pro footage off of Turbo Tim Szabo's Cadillac. Runner up in the 17" tire class. Along with several victories on Friday night test n tune.

Livernois Motorsports 419 pro series engine

Livernois Motorsports pro series cnc LSA cylinder heads

Stage II C hi lift camshaft intake duration [email protected] and exhaust duration 236 @ .050 lift intake 646 and exhaust lift 646

Modified exhaust to stock muffler

E85 Id 1300 injectors with Deatschwerks fuel system

Stock suspension stock brakes weighing in at 3450 lbs

No ice tank with Livernois Motorsports upgraded heat exchanger

Best pass to date so far 9.72 @142 mph

Enjoy the video and feel free to call me with any questions
Office 313-561-5500 ext 122
Cell 313-213-0273
E-mail [email protected]

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I think I saw a carbon hood fly off midtrack. Must have weighed it after.

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