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[SOLD] Selling my 2011 Black Diamond Coupe

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I haven't posted on this forum in a long while...
But I'm selling my beloved 2011 Black Diamond coupe. $35k. Only 67k miles, no accidents, well maintained, I'm the 4th owner. I actually purchased the car from someone on this forum back in 2014! Honestly, the car has been my favorite car that I have ever owned... It truly drives like a dream, but I'm at a point in my life where I no longer commute into the office, my children are both going to need cars of their own soon and I really just need something more basic and sensible right now.
It's in great shape, with only a few minor dings and scuffs in the paint if you look real close, but the pictures in the Autotrader ad were taken last just last Wednesday!
It has Borla, AirRaid intake, Eibach springs, custom gloss black 20" TSW Mirabeaus (purchased from BWD a forum vendor) ceramic window tint, blacked out tail panel (paint) window trim (vinyl wrap), and front grilles (plastidip.) I also have all of the original parts, exhaust, 19" graphite wheels, original springs, and the air intake box needed to swap in and out for passing smog. Oil has always been synthetic and the differential fluid is changed religiously changed with the oil.
I'm in East Chula Vista, just south of San Diego. Let me know if you want to take a closer look.
Here's a link to my Autotrader ad:
AutoTrader 2011 Black Diamond Coupe
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Nice ride!
The car has sold... It's off to a good home with another car enthusiast who lives up in the Corona area.
I'm sure that you will see him around.
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