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As some of you might know, I ran into quite a few problems trying to buy a V2 from Carvana and wound up with a V3. Due to my initial excitement, I prematurely bought parts for the V2 and can no longer use them. In turn, I'm selling a brand new front badgeless black grill set for V2 models with OEM GM V3 emblems that I had planned to use.

This is a brand new front grill set from Vladi at Street Driven Performance (link). The badges are also brand new OEM GM V3 emblems for the front and rear which would require some level of customization to make them work. The pictures show the parts that I have for sale and were never unboxed until now for these pictures. The Vladi grill is $350 brand new if you buy it from his website and I'm asking $360 OBO for everything to minimally recoup the cost of the grill plus shipping so the badges are basically free with purchase.

Note on customization:
The front grill is "badgeless" meaning for you to add any type of emblem would require customization on your part for which you are responsible for. The picture provided showing the emblem on the front grill is only a depiction of what it could look like, it's only resting on top of the grill mesh for this picture. Similarly, the rear emblem isn't a direct fit from a newer model to an older model, or to V2 coup or sedan. Others in this community have made it work but nothing is guaranteed to fit. Here are a couple of example posts on this topic and emblem part numbers below (link & link)

Badge part numbers:
OEM NEW Front Bumper Grille Emblem Badge 2016-2019 Cadillac ATS CTS 23180160
OEM NEW Rear Trunk Lid Crest Logo Emblem Badge 2015-2019 Cadillac CTS 23236084

Automotive parking light Grille Automotive lighting Car Hood

Product Automotive lighting Grille Azure Bag

Rectangle Natural material Paint Electric blue Liquid

Blue Electric blue Gas Plastic Font
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