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Sill replacement on my v3

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Where is the plug located on my lighted up door sill ? I need to replace door sill and I noticed the plug gos under the carpet somewhere., do I need to take the seat out in order to get to the plug?
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Look how long that harness is...I would guess the seat needs to go. Not sure where the main harness is that it ties into is, but if its not on the outer edge of the car I would bet it runs along the trans tunnel.

I've had to pull up that carpet before and moving the seat back is easy. It is held in by only tabs in front and two torx bolts in back. Once you remove the torx bolts you can move the seat back a bit with the slack in the harnesses under it. There are yellow airbag connectors that I did not want to mess with. If you DO, make sure you disconnect the battery and wait a bit. Removing the whole seat is cumbersome and a tight squeeze. See if you can just slide it back to get the slack in the carpet you need. Did your sill stop lighting up? Mine goes in and out but the part is on national backorder last time I checked. Seems to be the case with most parts for this car that arent on the other CTSs like the CF interior trim or auto seatbelt tensioners.
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