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Cadillac Fam,
I need some ideas on what to check... I've been dealing with an intermittent service battery charging system fault light. Previously the voltage seemed fine on the Aeroforce Gauge but the DIC was low and the car would stay running when you disconnect the positive battery terminal.
Put in a new battery just for good measure as it was 5 years old even though it tested good (after I taught the auto parts store kid how to use the battery load tester.) Still had the problem.

I wanted to rerun new wire for the starter and heat shield, cause I was having weak starts when the car was hot and since I like to go overboard, I reran new wire for the alternator around the front (instead of through the headers and over the trans) while I was in there. I also figured I'd upgrade the alternator while I was in there so I bought a new one (not remanufactured) from Powerbastards (link below) and installed it.

The car has been running fine ever since the instal, until I drove it in the wet (after rain) the other day and now I'm getting the dreaded service battery charging system... AGAIN. (No fault codes)

The gauges show low voltage, the DIC shows 10.5v and the AeroForce shows 11.6v...
I've got a new current sensor coming today... Part Number 13505369.
Why are these readings different?

Now when I disconnect the positive cable the car dies and that seems like the alternator isn't working but don't think the high end alternator died from one drive in the rain... I think it's something else telling it not to charge/engage since I've been getting this fault with 2 different Alternators.

What module controls the alternator and tells it the system needs to be charged?

Any other ideas, recommendations?

Thanks in advance

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