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Sequence of fuel system upgrades

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I've got the following parts ready to install:
-IDX1050 injectors
-DSX aux pump kit
-DSX flex fuel sensor
-DMS fuel filter kit
-DW300 pumps
-ALM level 2 hat w/ holley hydramat

I did not want to drill the tank for the aux pump, hence the ALM hat. I have these bolt on parts to put on in conjunction with the fuel system parts to be installed:
-2.5" pulley
-SW 2" long tube headers / high flow cats
-lower pulley/balance (size tbd)
-Fi interchillers lid spacer (no meth)

I already have done some cooling/basic mods in my signature. Long term plans are heads/cam (possible blower porting if needed) to reach 730-750 whp (looking for low 10's/high 9's) Is it best to do all the fuel system upgrades now in one shot? Or only some of these items now? I don't have the heads/cam parts yet and won't have them for another year or two as I have other home renovation projects going.
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most of if not all of those mods will need a tune so id say best to do it all at one time so u just tune it once
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Do it all at once and get it tuned.

You can skip the DW pumps though, the stock ones coupled with the AUX kit is already enough to take you to 850+.
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