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Hey Everyone!

So I'm not really new to this forum or to the car but I've been through so much sh1t with this car I figure I'd do an introduction here so when I start replying to threads everyone knows me I guess haha.

I bought the car from Melbourne FL back in early 2020. At the time it was one of the cheapest auto V2 sedans in the country. I now know why lol. I got the car with around 75k miles on the clock and it was from a single, older owner that had most of the work done at the dealer. It had zero mods and only had minor cosmetic issues. Figured this was a no brainer.. Being that this was a dream car of mine I was very excited to finally purchase it. I've owned a fair share of GM vehicles and still actually still have most of them: '00 Camaro (track project), '88 Monte Carlo SS (LS1 swap currently in progress), '06 Sierra 1500HD, '05 Trailblazer(sold) and also an '05 Yamaha R6. So I'm very familiar with the LS platform and and also do a majority of mechanical work myself as a weekend warrior but definitely don't consider myself an expert..

The first few months of owning the car were great. But soon realized it was just the honeymoon period...

Let's go through a list of the things I've done to the car and things that have went wrong. I'll try and do them in chronological order of when it happened in case that helps anyone!

-Dealer replaced DRL and TPMS for one of the tires at time of purchase
-Ceramic Tint on every window (FL sun is brutal)
-Front badge/emblem replaced (again FL sun sucks)
-Airaid Install
-Gates Green HD belts
-Squeaky Idler Pulley replaced (OEM)
-Rear end whine @ 40-50mph (I'm going to try Royal Purple's gear oil next, I first changed with OEM and helped but not much)
-Lingenfelter Solid Supercharger Isolator
-Leaky Sunroof into front passenger cabin (weed whip line trick fixed that, thanks for 10 months or rain Florida)
-Rear door lock actuators intermittent failure (one OEM and one eBay, both work the same)
-2 rear tires Michelin AS3+ (nail in one)
-Brembo 2-piece front rotors (Rock auto sale)
-AC Delco Pro Rear Rotors
-PowerStop Ceramic Brakes (Z26 I think)
-Steam vent connector on passenger side replaced (normal on these from what I've read)
-Transmission replaced due to internal failure (was venting trans fluid on the exhaust and smoking out the bay)
-Rear main seal done at the time of transmission
-Rear shocks leaking (replaced OEM from rockauto)
-Front upper control arms replaced due to tear in bushing on driver side (Moog used as replacement, have Creative Steel bushings that I'll install later)
-Trunk lid hydraulic openers failed (replaced with aftermarket shocks from amazon)
-Service Airbag Light (wiggled the wire under the seat, never came back)
-EBCM and BPMV failure (Dash was showing TC, Stabilitrak and Brake Assist failure) - I assumed it was the ground at the Airaid box connection, so I cleaned the surface and adjusted the position of the ground wire, still was showing an error. Next step was replacing the rear wheel speed sensors, but still had the error. Took it to the dealer since I don't have a tech2 scanner and they said it was a loose wire ($200 to fix that lmao). Well leaving the service lot the lights came back on over the first bump, I wiggled the wire under the dash and it went away for the time, but came back the next day. So I took it back and then had the EBCM and BPMV replaced. Here's where the fun starts... INCREDIBLY mushy brake pedal from the brake bleed I'm assuming. It's gotten a bit better over the past couple weeks but I really liked or was used to the way it was before. Maybe I need it reprogrammed or just get on the stainless brake lines. Then every time I went over a bump I heard some crazy squeaking. Turns out the dealer bent the airaid tab on the bottom but never installed the box correctly.
-New MAF sensor due to P0172 code (could also be that the techs didn't install my intake correctly during BPMV install but the code is gone)
-Newest issue is really bouncy front suspension, ordered new ACDelco front shocks during prime day sale (20% off) and hope that fixes it. If not I'll attempt the sway bushings and end links
-Also a leaking windshield washer fluid reservoir.. Thinking again that the dealer messed this one up during front bumper removal. Any water I add pours out immediately. So has to be a hose not attached or something. But it's rain season so no need for it now.

So that's all that's been done with the car. I know it's a "sports/fancy car" but I've never run into so many issues with a LS platform car.. I should have just paid the normal asking price at the time and I'd have a much more reliable car.. But hindsight is a b1tch.

Plans for the car keep getting pushed aside due to the constant repairs. I'm the kind of person though that will hold on to something for a long time because of how much time and money I've already invested. So I'm in this for the long haul. And yes, I wanted a manual trans but was impossible to find at the time. Also, Orlando traffic is so bad I really didn't want my left leg looking like Popeye's arm. Shifting is fun when you aren't in traffic lol. The bike satisfies that craving if I have it.

So what I have in store is...
-Spark plugs/wires soon (TR6 and TR7 in hand, too much misinformation on them so got both sets lol, I'll let the tuner decide)
-Going to try and put on some new headlight lenses
-Moroso Catch Can
-Reinforced Intercooler Brick
-New heat exchanger (Thinking Vadder with the 2 gallon overflow option)
-Upper and Lower Pulley (way out of my league on which to go with, but I'll get there)
-Remove hard lines for the intercooler and get everything on AN fittings
-Then finally get her to a tuner

I still smile every time I get behind the wheel or this car. I'd honestly get a V3 or Blackwing if I could afford it.. But I think the truck is the next thing to get traded up.

If anyone has any questions about anything I've done, please feel free to reply or DM. You all have helped me so much! And I've just been a troll. So if there is anything I can do in return I'd be happy to help!

Below is the first day I owned the car:

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive side marker light


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Yeah, mostly small stuff but they all add up. You're in too deep to back out now. Fix these things right one at a time and move on.

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that rear end whine is almost certainly going to result in rear diff replacement. You can try different lubes, but rear ends on these are a known failure point.
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