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Sedan Mufflers on Wagon

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My wagon came with Corsas already installed and I am debating going back to stock exhaust so I can install a cam/headers and not blow out my ear drums. I know the tips are different but is everything else identical? Are base CTS mufflers the same as V mufflers?
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I am running sedan V mufflers on my wagon. They do use the same mounting points. The previous owner of my car cut out the rear bumper a bit since it probably had some aftermarket mufflers as well, so I can't for sure say the sedan tips fit in the stock wagon cutout. They are bigger and also not angled as
far down as the wagon ones.

Here's a picture I have from the dealer I bought it from. The chrome trim was added to hide the cuts but this is how much it was trimmed. This is the stock wagon exhaust. There's still room left with the sedan mufflers.

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And here's a current pic of the sedan mufflers on my wagon:
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