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Looking into upgrading my rockers. Upon my research I discovered Scorpion rocker arms and these appear to be a great value. Reviews looks good via the internet, but do you have any experience with these?

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First of all, during my last 10-years of racing, I never
used anything but Crower rocker arms and lifters.

But a few people I have know did use the Scorpion products.


Scorpion is a USA based company.
They also make rocker arms for companies such as Howards and Summit.

Howards does not deal in anything that is junk.

They understand valve motion, as well as grind their
own camshafts on state of the art CNC equipment.

While I am not familiar with the Scorpion lines regarding the LS Engines, they did have some good products for the SBC Engines. However, they had some issues some years back, when an overseas outfit brought in 'Copy-Cat' product.

Since Scorpion rocker arms made here in the USA and had a Scorpion etched on the top, which was trade-marked, this helped racers to identify, and stop purchasing that crap stuff.

-regarding scorpion-
And of course there are breakage issues with every product, especially when this hobby of ours has individuals who can break just about anything. Also, some racers are cheap. They use a lot of valve lift, which then requires a lot of valve spring.

Aluminum Rocker Arms tend to break if miss-used. This is why when the heads began to flow well above +0.800 valve lift, I only used steel.

So then these cheap cry-baby racers put the broken parts on the internet for everyone to see, never speaking about the issues I related just above.

Finally, people state that using aluminum rocker arms tend to help reduce resonances. Well, yes they do. However, while they do absorb those harmonics better then steel, they have to dissipate the energy contained within those harmonics. This then, along with time vs. heat cycling tends to cause the rocker arms to break.
***At an engine RPM of 8,000, a valve opens and closes 66.6 times per second. And that only gives the cylinder 400 Micro Seconds to


This might help. . .
All Scorpion Stud Mount Roller Rocker Arms Feature: Needle Bearing Fulcrum and Roller Tip, Centerless Ground Trunnion, Centerless Ground Pin & Roller, Burr-Free Thru Hole in Trunnion, Large Machined Seat, Thick Walled Adjusting Nut, Pedestals Machined from Solid Steel, Black Oxide Coated Steel Parts, and 100% CNC Machined in the USA.

LS RACE SERIES • Available ratios 1.7 & 1.8 Chevy LS • The only ‘No Machining Required’ kit in production • Use standard length pushrods • No need for valve cover spacers.

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