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RIP: 2006 CTS-V, 64,278 mi

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UPDATE: Just heard back from the adjuster, they've taken a closer look and decided to repair it.

Insurance company decided to total my 2006 CTS-V after a low-speed front end collision. RIP, you've served me well.

Any advice on negotiating value with the insurance company? I can't find many ads for 1st gen cars to use as comps. NADA shows about $10k, KBB about $24k. I suspect there just aren't enough data points for either to be statistically significant.

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This is a negotiation. You are under no obligation to make a decision immediately. Take a few days, make a few phone calls. You might be able to have them adjust their assessment to just short of totaling the vehicle and getting it fixed or fixing it yourself. No branded title that way...

Of course, you could always take the insurance check and put that towards the car you've had your eye on. In that case, you'll still want as much as you can get from them.
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