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Reporting on my experience with Toyo Proxes R888R

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Bought the R888R's early last summer and now have ~3500 miles on them. The car is just my weekend toy street rod car, only driven in fair weather. GREAT tires while they last! They are just about done at this point, I will likely replace them by 4000 miles. I'm certainly not trying to take it easy on them but not particularly abusive either. No long burn outs or doughnuts done on them and no track time. I thought they would last at least 6-7K miles but nope. Just curious to know what kind of street mileage some of you other guys are getting?
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I hear you. Since you are in the Dallas area, you should swing by one of the many top LS/LT shops and see what tires they run on their high horsepower street cars. I don‘t have any experience with any of these tires except the Toyos, so I can’t give an informed opinion. Hey if your budget permits, maybe you can buy a really good straight line street drag tire for when you want to race at the strip or blitz the streets and put the R888R on for for when you desire better handling with grip (albeit less).
What is your car putting down for power these days?

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