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Replacing Isolator and noticed hand writing inside?

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My V is an 09, under the lid near the exposed rotors it says what looks like 5328 and under it 2-13 written with marker.

I'm hoping that means it was replaced in February of 2013. But I've never had a lid off another V before.

Also, the end of my brick was a little sucked in, just a little. Normal for a stock boost car?
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Typically that means work has been done to the blower and that may be a serial number of sorts and the date it was done. I've not seen anyone talking about that on a stock blower. Have you taken the snout off or inspected inside it to see if it has been ported?

As for the brick it can start to collapse even under stock boost. It is rare but I've heard it can happen. Time to get it send out to get it reinforced.
Haven't taken the snout off yet. But it's not ported. Car was bone stock, owned by an retired guy first, then bought by me 5 years ago. His Elvis discography is still on the factory music drive. Only about 44000 miles on the car.

My buddy is a good aluminum welder, maybe he can do the brick for me.
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