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Remote Coil Mount Harness Help

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I am going to arrange remote coil mounting for the new build. I may end up separating the stock harness(es) and rerouting wires and possibly needing to extend several... but I'd rather have a plug-and-play solution for a cleaner install. To this end, I bought the coil harnesses pictured here thru Amazon. I have discovered that either I need a different harness OR I need a separate “wye” harness to connect these.

The original harness (may be unique to the LSA) has the fuel injector wiring and the coil wiring together in one connector (each bank has a unique connector/plug). I need a “break out” harness that would plug into the original connector and then provide separate connectors for the injector harness and the coil harnesses to plug into. OR a single harness that has the big connector and separate FI and (extended) coil harnesses from it.

Have any of you seen this imagined wye piece?

The stock harness connectors are the blue ones that are either six-pair or seven-pair depending on which bank. The WYE harness would plug into one of these and then provide two connectors for a coil harness (such as I bought) and a fuel injector harness.

Do you have a solution?
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(will add pics)
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I may have missed this in all of your surly posts, are you doing this to upgrade your valve covers?
to make sure that my custom billet valve covers are visible.
You’re killing me with your updated signature! :ROFLMAO: But seriously, Awesome list
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