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Listing for sale my CTSV, quick facts first and I will attach the listing verbage from my other ad for more detail.
- 2010 CTSV bought with a "light" front end hit
-I own a reputable body shop and repaired it properly for myself (I planned to keep it forever but am buying a house and the cash will help with some renovations needed) I will be happy to share in more detail the extent of the repair for any buyers
  • Originally black raven, painted black diamond
  • 52,xxx miles on the chassis
-1500 miles on brand new darton sleeved 416 stroker
-new monster triple disc clutch
-New oem dif
-new oem steering rack
-brand new rebuilt calipers powdercoated candy red
-new oem alcantara steering wheel and shifter
-car made 708 whp mustang dyno (estimated 830 dynojet)
-10.5 @138 with a 1.7 60 foot/ didn't want to break axles so didn't kill it on launch/ have cut 1.4 60 ft in past
-non recaro car, bought used recaros and installed
-Basically a No expense spared build

This CTS-V is packing a Darton sleeved 416ci
that's topped with a ported LSA supercharger, and
mated to a Tremec TR-6060 6-speed manual
transmission. Modifications were installed by the
owner's shop along with tunetimeperformance, and
tuning was handled by Tune Time as well with an output
of 708whp on a Mustang Dyno (est 830 dynojet). There are 0 mechanical
issues, the car ran a 10.5 @ 138mph with a soft launch
to save the axles. Simply put, the car was well built with
no expense spared, it will make about 1000whp with a
2650 from Kong or Maggie (that was the initial plan).
This CTS-V does carry a rebuilt title, the owner owns a
body shop, where the car was repaired and painted
Black Diamond (originally Black Raven). It was a light hit
and shouldn't have been a total loss to begin with.

Darton Sleeved LSA Manley 416 Rotating Assembly
Block Powder Coated Black
Tony Mamo Ported Trick Flow Heads
GP Tuning Custom Cam
COMP Lifters
MM Wild Catch Can
Supercharger System:
Ported Supercharger
2.4/9.1 Pulley Combo
Gates Green Belt
ZL1 Lid Reinforced Brick
NW 102mm TB
Garret Tew Wrinkle Black Powder Coated 5" Intake
Fuel System:
Fore Triple Pump Fuel System
Ready for E85
ID1300 Injectors
AH 1-7/8" Catless Long Tube Headers (Ceramic
Coated Black)
PNR Trunk Ice Tank/Methanol Tank
Alky Control Dual Nozzle Methanol System
3/4 Lines to Ice Box/1" Feed For Reprogrammed EMP
Track Attack HX
DeWitts Aluminum Radiator/Twin Spal Fans
Tremec TR-6060 6-Speed Manual Transmission

can send some idle videos by phone, cant seem to figure out how to post videos these days tapatalk used to make it easy guess not anymore

Located in Central NJ (Jackson)
looking for $30,000
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Damn that’s a good deal. Nice work man. Good luck selling and with your new home.

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Thank you!

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