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Rebuildable UCA?

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I replaced my uppers yesterday with Moog, because mine were squeaking. They look like they can be rebuilt easily. The inner sleeve slides right out, and the bushing can come out easily also. There is a bolt with a zerk fitting in the head as well. Are these aftermarket arms?
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Yes. Moog is an aftermarket manufacturer. Along with many others.
Aftermarket is sometimes used to describe performance parts. Aftermarket simply means equivalent, superior, and sometimes less-than-equivalent to OEM quality parts, NOT manufactured by the OEM.

Better than OEM? I say yes. Rebuildable bushings and grease fittings sway my opinion.
It sounds like you may have creative steel polyurethane bushings . You can look at their site see if they look like yours . Are they red or black ?
I have creative steel polyurethane. Its a pain to get the originals out but once you do the poly bushings just slip right in. I did it the first time on old control arms and ended up replacing them again due to the ball joint getting loose.
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Yes! These are the ones I have. They are black.
they were squeaking and my steering felt loose. They were greased and I could not see any visible wear. Are they superior to the Moog?

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