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Addressing Cadillac Shock Absorber Seating Problem


The Cadillac CTS built after February 22, 2011 features a different design that includes a tab as shown here.
| Photo Credit: General Motors

This bulletin applies to 2004-2009 Cadillac SRX, 2005-2011 XLR, 2006-2009 STS, 2006-2013 DTS, 2006- 2014 CTS-V vehicles equipped with Magnetic Ride Control. The driver display may show a "service suspension system" message. It is possible that the 90-degree connector at the top end of a shock absorber (actuator) may not be fully seated.
Disconnect the actuator connector from the shock actuator for inspection.

CTS models built after February 22, 2011 have a CPA tab. Vehicles built with this design should be less susceptible to being unseated. The CTS is the only vehicle to adopt this design change. If the DTC refers to a front shock absorber, remove the chock tower cover (if equipped). Disconnect the electrical connector from the shock actuator. Visually inspect the green insulator and center post to make sure it is straight and in good condition. Replace the connector, clear the DTC and re-test.

Inspect the green insulator and center post of the connector.

If the DTC returns, remove the connector from the shock absorber and pigtail. Swap with the connector on the opposite side. If the DTC follows the connector, replace the connector. A wiring harness/connector kit is available as P/N 13586171.
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