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Rattling noise

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Well just completed upper control arm, bushing, mount, and dust cover on driver's side.
Steering is so much better along with the ride.
But I still have a rattling noise, when I go over a rough part of a road on t he driver's side. Kinda like when the driver's wheel goes down during a bump or rough part of a road.. suggestions please
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If you didn't check the passenger side, then that's the obvious place to look. It can be very hard to localize sounds from the driver's seat. What I recommend, which is what I do, is I have someone else drive the car while I sit in the center of the back seat so I can clearly distinguish left/right and I can lean forward/back to see if it's coming from the front or the rear...

If there is an issue with your suspension, it could be almost anything - wheel bearings, brake assemblies, tie rod ends, sway bar links, shock bushings... probably other stuff I'm not thinking of.

Don't rule out exhaust components/heat shields, either.

You just have to get under the car and start banging on stuff to see what makes noise...
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